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US Eco Products Corporation

Contact: Doreen Blades
PO Box 213 West Newbury MA 01985 USA Work Phone: (978)457-0599 Work Fax: (978)373-9817 Capability Statement: US Eco Products Corporation

Biographical Info

Work Area: Statewide

NAICS Codes: 423850, 424690, 424990

Services Performed: Supplier – Absorbents, Bio-Remidial Cleaners & Degreasers,
Supplier – Alternative Green, Environmental Products,
Supplier – Pesticides & Nursery Supplies,
Supplier – Products to replace road salt, Magnesium Chloride,
Supplier – Solvents found on the USDA’a Catalog & Part of ISO 14001



Categories: 423850, 424690, 424990
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