Business Development Program


The SDDOT DBE Business Development Program (BDP) is funded through the Federal Highway Administration and is intended to support DBE program participants. The DBE Business Development program is designed to give you and your team the necessary knowledge, skills, and resources to grow your business. We work directly with you, the business owner, to identify organizational goals and areas of focus that will help move your business forward. We work hard to develop relationships with our clients to truly understand the personality and culture of your business so that we can uniquely tailor curriculum based on the current stage of your business and help determine growth strategies.

As a South Dakota certified DBE, you are entitled to participate in the Business Development Program. The program objectives are to provide customized business development training, assist DBEs in creating a viable business plan, conduct one-on-one and confidential business reviews, and follow up with individualized management assistance. The best part – our services are completely FREE to South Dakota DBEs participating in federally funded South Dakota DOT projects.



Why Should I Apply?

  • Increased Revenue
  • Better Bidding Abilities
  • More Bonding and Loan Opportunities
  • Become More Competitive in Your Industry

How Do I Participate?

For any questions or to learn more about the program, please call (605) 607-5120 or email the Support Services Team at

We look forward to working with you!

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